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Sophie Saporosi

is a belgo-italian artist based in Brussels.


She travels the world looking for bridges,

building images and movement 

from the reality she meets out there. 


Rwanda post-genocide,

Burkina Faso and its street’s kids, 

asylum and Amazonia in French Guyana,

Belgium’s Giants, 

clan’s rules in south Italy, gend/trification from Molenbeek-Saint-Jean to Istanbul,

gender and religion in Dakar, 

her theorical background - from phenomenology to poetry via psychiatry - opend her photography practice.


Alliance of gesture and images,

her works puts her body in the field,

crossing borders of being and doing.

She’s questionning our contemporary world,

mapping a Being stuck in Human Condition,

surrounded by a thick and concrete reality.


In public spaces or museum, her installations and performances are creating brand new semantic directions ; symbol stack and oxymoron displaying

fog, layers, blury shadows, smog and ghosts,

inviting us to think again.


«Thinking accompanies life and is itself the de-materialized quintessence of being alive; and since life is a process; its quintessence can only lie in the actual thinking process and not in any solid results or specific thoughts. 

A life without thinking is quite possible; it then fails to develop its own essence

—it is not merely meaningless; it is not fully alive. 

Unthinking men are like sleepwalkers.»


Hannah Arendt, The Life of the Mind (1978)

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